MOIA discounts

General voucher conditions

The following discounts are available at MOIA and will be deducted from the gross fare in that order.  

  1. Discount for hvv subscribers (as of 01.01.23 and only for Hamburg): As a self-operated on-demand transport service, we’re integrating ourselves into the public transport system and offer a discount of 1€ for hvv subscribers. More on that here

  2. Discounted funding areas (from 01.01.23 and only for Hamburg): The areas Osdorf/Lurup, Billbrook/Billstedt and Wilhelmsburg are partially funded by the Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport. A discount of 1€ is therefore granted on journeys to and from these areas. More on that here

  1. Discounts from marketing campaigns: From time to time, as part of marketing campaigns, we offer discounts during limited periods which are automatically deducted from the price. These discounts are available to all customers who book and travel during a promotional period.  

  2. Free transport for people with a severely disabled person’s pass (from 01.01.23 and only for Hamburg): Our service should be accessible to as many people as possible. That is why we offer people with a severely disabled person’s pass in Hamburg a special service that allows them and/or an accompanying person to use MOIA free of charge under the legal conditions. More on that here.                               

  3. Discounted Smart Saver rides (for Hamburg only): The Smart Saver is a limited time discount offer from us, where you get a 25% or 50% discount on every MOIA ride during the offer period. More on that here

  4. Discounts from vouchers: After entering the voucher code in the app, a voucher entitles you to either a fixed discount or a percentage discount, which is deducted from the regular fare for one or more journeys. The voucher cannot be combined with other vouchers. Permanent discounts such as the hvv full-time subscription, Hamburg-Takt or Smart Saver can be used in combination with the offer. More on that here. Our general terms and conditions apply in all other cases.