Unveiling Life @ MOIA

We'd like to take you behind the scenes of DevCo, one of MOIA's companies, and tell you the story behind the development of our new website, Life @MOIA.

Welcome to the MOIA journey! We’d like to take you behind the scenes of DevCo, one of MOIA’s companies, and tell you the story behind the development of our website, Life @MOIA. This very special project says a lot about our creativity, initiative and team spirit!

MOIA consists of two companies: OpsCo and DevCo. While DevCo develops our ’product’ from technology and strategy to design and marketing, OpsCo is responsible for the ridepooling service, including drivers and customer service, as well as fleet and hub management. OpsCo currently employs more than 900 drivers and more than 100 other employees, while DevCo has more than 330 employees. Together, we put the latest technology on the road and get every passenger safely to their destination.  

At MOIA, we believe in showcasing our unique company culture and values to attract exceptional talent. Our MOIA careers page already introduces both OpsCo and DevCo on a formal level, offering a comprehensive overview of positions, the hiring process and the MOIA product as a whole. But in addition to this, we recognized the need for a deeper dive into DevCo itself. This is where Life @MOIA comes in. The website provides a closer look into the daily workings of our teams, our digital products and the spirit that defines us.

A collaborative effort  

The path to creating Life @MOIA spanned over a year. Initially a voluntary project by our MOIA employees, the website was founded after our software engineers recognized the need to better represent the tech and product departments on the career page. Fueled by their passion and determination, they took it upon themselves to develop a webpage that truly captured the essence of DevCo.

On Life @MOIA, you can find photos, videos and information about the values and culture at DevCo, from diversity and collaboration to responsibility and flexibility. Collaboration is a particularly integral part of our culture, and we’re convinced that you can only fully exploit the potential of each individual with a strong team. Taking different perspectives into account makes all the difference – and ultimately results in a better product. Regular team events promote solidarity, and we put our creative heads together at regular hackathons to implement our own ideas – such as the life at MOIA itself.

“The development of Life @MOIA exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and teamwork that runs through our organization's veins”, says Kim Schneider, Frontend Engineer at MOIA and developer of Life @MOIA. As the project progressed, it attracted interest and involvement from various teams, including Design, Branding, Marketing, Legal, and People & Relations. Each team contributed their individual expertise, ensuring that the website perfectly and comprehensively encapsulates the dynamic and innovative nature of DevCo.

Ownership and empowerment

One remarkable aspect of Life @MOIA is that the website is fully owned and developed by our MOIA team. We took pride in building it ourselves, without the involvement of external marketing agencies. This speaks volumes about our culture of empowerment and the value we place on taking initiative.

“The journey of creating Life @MOIA brought our teams closer together”, says Jovana Vranic, People and Relations Manager at MOIA. As different departments and teams collaborated on this project, they discovered the joy and value of working across divisions. “This experience strengthened our relationships, forged new connections and fostered a sense of unity among our diverse talents. It was truly a fun and enriching endeavor that brought people together in ways they might not have had the opportunity to before!”, she adds.

Life @MOIA is a testament to the passion, innovation and collaboration that defines our organization at DevCo. We invite you to embark on a virtual tour and experience the spirit, projects and diverse talent that drive our DevCo forward. By the way, we also share updates on Instagram, so be sure to take a look!  And perhaps MOIA also offers an interesting working culture and environment for you? You can find our open positions on ours careers page.