4 years, 4 curious facts about MOIA in Hamburg

It's been four years since we launched our fully electric ridepooling service in Hamburg. To celebrate our anniversary, we want to share four curious facts from four years of MOIA in Hamburg.

4 years, 4 curious facts about MOIA in Hamburg

For four years, we at MOIA have been making Hamburg more mobile. We have carried 6.7 million passengers since our launch in April 2019. And we're far from done: in the first quarter of 2023, we reached pre-covid 19 levels again with over 620,000 trips. On the occasion of our anniversary, we would like to share with you not only these figures but also four curious facts from four years of MOIA in Hamburg:  

#1: The longest ride on MOIA
We've had some remarkably long rides over the years. But the longest distance we ever traveled was 35 kilometers! With a large-scale ridepooling service in our service area of 270 square kilometers, we offer our passengers in Hamburg a convenient, transfer-free and environmentally friendly mobility option.   

#2: Heavy MOIA User
Our ridepooling service is popular with many of our customers, but one account is our heavy user - and has completed 1564 trips in the last four years! We are thrilled and see this as an endorsement of the convenience and reliability of our service. People who ride MOIA have an easy, emission-free way to get around town without having to drive and park themselves. 

#3: The most unusual booking requests
We have had some unusual booking requests over the years, but the most outlandish reached us via Twitter and was for a snake named Monty Python (name changed by editors). Although we believe Monty Python deserves a comfortable and stylish ride just as much as any other MOIA user, we unfortunately couldn't make an exception out of consideration for the other passengers...

#4: Lost & Found
Despite the best efforts of our drivers and the caution of our passengers, items are sometimes left behind in our vehicles. Over the past four years, the most common forgotten items have been smartphones, purses and keys. However, some of the most unusual items left behind in our MOIAs include: a power drill, a guitar, underwear, and a bridal veil. Our dedicated team works with Lost and Found to return these items to their owners.

On the occasion of our 4th anniversary in Hamburg, we are very grateful for the loyalty of our passengers and for switching to sustainable, reliable and safe rides with MOIA.

Thank you for being part of the MOIA community for four years!

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