Here are our three core business fields that will change the way you move through cities and around the globe.

The world of motion is changing at breathtaking speed. New technologies enable new mobility modes for people and for goods. But what matters most are the needs of people – our needs. We envision a future with more secure, efficient and enjoyable mobility services, no matter if you exclusively use on-demand services or prefer to own a vehicle.

In our mission to become one of the world’s leading providers of mobility services, there are three main avenues we will be pursuing. We are only just starting off, but we will make it happen fast.

Ride Hailing

The first taxi started up in Germany at the end of the 19th century. Since then, we have relied on taxi services when it’s pouring with rain or we need to catch that all-important flight. But there has not been much innovation in this field. In some cities you’ve been able to order taxis conveniently by phone; in other cities you literally have to fight for the (yellow) cars on the street.

Then the first ride-hailing services arrived – and completely changed the way we use and experience this kind of service. We order on the go, enjoy transparency on arrival times and driver, pay per app and receive the bill by e-mail. Service levels have gone up, prices have gone down and the customer’s experience has improved greatly. Ride-hailing services change the way we move through cities around the world. MOIA will be at the forefront of this movement. Our recent investment in GETT was just the beginning. We are using the Volkswagen Group’s global network to strengthen our position in Europe and add new services to improve our cities and lives.

The journey has just begun.


Who hasn’t looked at the colorful lines of some city’s public transport map and thought “Why on earth is there no direct connection between Line A and Line B?” The answer, in most cases, is a lack of resources. It costs billions to build new subway lines.

What MOIA will be focusing on is to change urban living through connected transport services that complement public transport in a convenient and cost-efficient way. Connected Commuting will enhance existing public transport services and tackle the challenges of urban life, such as pollution or traffic congestion.
At MOIA we believe that this is the best option to free urban dwellers from the ordeal of daily commuting while ensuring accessibility for everyone.

But it is no easy task. In order to succeed we need to combine new, specially designed vehicles with powerful algorithms and competent staff. We will be working hand in hand with city authorities and public transit operators because no one knows a city better than they do.

Soon you’ll be able to stop wondering about the limitations of traffic maps and be free to travel where you want.


The whole world is looking for the next big thing: a killer app; a unicorn; an idea that will change the world. At MOIA we are developing and monitoring new technologies that have the potential to enhance the way we move within cities. Some ideas sound crazy at first, but when you do the math, everything seems possible.

There are amazing concepts out there that just need developing. We will invest in emerging technologies and create them ourselves – anything with the potential to make mobility more convenient, more affordable and more sustainable for all of us.

We don’t know exactly what concepts and products MOIA Next will develop in ten years’ time – nobody does – or where this will take us. But we do know that we will work very hard to enhance the existing transportation system as a whole and lead the way to the future.

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CEO Ole Harms talks about the city of the future and what he plans next.