MOIA is not just another car-sharing company or transportation lab. We will create and offer mobility solutions that make our cities more livable, more beautiful and safer – for everyone.

Some days are simply magical. You step onto the pavement and suddenly the sun peeps through the clouds. You run down the steps to the subway in rush hour, reach the platform just as the train arrives, and of course there’s a vacant seat. You’re standing in the busiest part of town and immediately get a taxi. And there are nothing but green lights all the way to your destination.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every day were like that?
The perfect day – every day. And not by chance, but by system.

What is MOIA?

MOIA gets things moving. Starting right now. And on into the future. In the next few years we want to become one of the leading providers of mobility solutions.

Our services will soon be part of everyday traffic. But at MOIA we are aiming for even more: we want to understand the entire transport system and develop solutions that make cities more beautiful, more livable and safer – not only for the wealthy elite, but in a way that is affordable for everyone. This is why we are working with our partners on new vehicle concepts and intelligent algorithms. This is why we are doing research and talking to urban residents, hackers, bus drivers, cyclists, skaters, and commuters.

Because we all have one common interest.
We want to move forward.


Life in a big city is amazing.
And the reasons need no explaining:

  • Our friends live
  • Life never stops
  • There are always
    thousands of options.
  • There is good coffee
    on every corner.
But not everything runs smoothly
in urban transport systems:

  • Buses are often standing
    room only.
  • You can spend hours looking for a parking space (and are broke when you've paid the parking meter).
  • Traffic jams hold you up on the way to the airport.

We are already living in the future; we can video-chat; computers beat us at chess; and yet our transport systems are stuck in the past. That is why we believe we need to make cities a better place to live in.

For the first time in modern history we can make urban traffic clean, safe and quiet. We can give urban residents more time – time they used to waste waiting for the subway, looking for parking spots or trapped in the daily chaos of rush hour.

And we can offer them more space – space that today is taken up by parked cars, and the third lane of a highway that will soon be obsolete. In the city of our dreams there are fewer traffic jams, less noise, less dirt and grime, and less stress. But more convenience, more peace and quiet, more happiness, and a better quality of life.

Unlike many others, we are not just thinking about a future for tech millionaires or wealthy heirs with rocket-powered cars parked in their bat cave. We are talking about a better city for everyone – really everyone. That is where we are headed. And we will not rest until we get from A to B in a way that is fitting for the 21st century – in our home base Berlin as well as in other cities around the world.


The average speed of travel in London and Shanghai is a mere 16 kilometers per hour. A total of 70 per cent of urban air pollution stems from traffic. In 2020 the average American will spend 68 hours in traffic jams. Eighty per cent of people have no choice about their means of transport.

But there is good news, too: More and more people are making sure they live sustainably. They are less interested in status symbols and more in the efficient use of goods. MOIA wants to encourage this new global consciousness and give people new tools to reshape the urban landscape.


MOIA will start off with a small team in Berlin and Hamburg. We are a global brand familiar with urban life around the world. We are curious, optimistic and excited that it is now time to get going.

And we are going to grow quickly, and in many directions. In two European cities in 2017 we plan to introduce our own services that will enhance local public transport in a very innovative way. We understand the city as a network, and that is why we know that we cannot solve the problems on our own. Everything is interconnected. Everything has to mesh.

For precisely this reason we are always looking for new partners and allies. We are developing our own products and investing in exciting start-ups. We are using the resources of our parent company, the Volkswagen Group. And we are independent enough to operate in this dynamic market. Ultimately, we are out to prove that you don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to shape the future.

We don’t exactly know how people will get around in cities in 2025; no one knows, because technology is changing at breakneck speed – and that is how it should be. But we can promise you this much: we are convinced that the old ways and means will not take us where we want to go – we have to change. And we will inform you in a transparent manner about our projects and plans, as well as listen to the true urban experts – the residents of our cities. Right now, we are taking the first steps. More will follow. And we will not lose sight of our final destination.

It’s sure to be an exciting journey! Are you going to join us?


Our CEO Ole Harms talks about the future of mobility, how the MOIA culture will differ from the mother company, and how he would pitch the project in an elevator.