Into the future:

To create the mobility of the 21st century we need strong partners who think like us. Here are the cities, corporations and research teams with whom we will shape the future.

Our journey to rethink mobility has only just begun. And we can’t go it alone. MOIA needs to partner with cities, tech companies and service providers to build the future we imagine. We want to learn from and grow with our future collaborators. And that could be …


We are looking for administrative officials in cities anywhere in the world who are eager to bring smarter mobility services to the people of their cities. Officials who want to offer cleaner, more affordable mobility and are ready to question the status quo.

We want to partner with public transit providers to optimize urban connectivity and create new links between individual mobility and public transportation.

We would love to talk to mobility service and infrastructure providers, think tanks and research institutions – anyone who is rethinking the way we get from A to B. Whether you have smart tools like artificial intelligence and deep data analytics or service innovations like ride hailing on your mind, it would be great if you would work with …


With the full power of the Volkswagen Group behind us, we can offer you the broad experience of one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers as well as the in-depth knowledge and expansive talent of 600,000 employees. We are big, but also agile. And we want to try out new things, learn, and collaborate.

Why Gett excites us

Operating in more than 100 cities worldwide – including New York, London and Moscow – Gett combines the speed of the digital age with the reputability of the good old days. Gett's technology enables consumers and businesses to instantly book on-demand transportation. The company offers the most reliable, quickest and safest way to get around – and has ASAP and advance booking capabilities, including 24/7 live customer care. So users enjoy transparent and predictable prices Gett has introduced market-leading fixed fare pricing. This combination of features is appreciated by consumers and more than 5,000 corporate clients. And unlike many of its competitors, Gett is even profitable in many markets.

Why MOIA and Gett are a perfect fit

Just like Gett, we are convinced that on-demand mobility services will play an increasingly important role in the future. That is why we invested $300 million in the young company in summer 2016. Because there are so many ways to get from A to B, we want to help our customers find the best possible way – with a few clicks and swipes on their smartphone.

Our future plans

MOIA and Gett are going to conquer new markets together – beginning with some European cities as early as 2017. The Volkswagen Group will provide resources and innovative vehicle packages to ensure the Gett drivers’ success.

Why we are excited to be part of Volkswagen

The numbers say it all: more than 120 factories worldwide, over 610,000 employees and their vast talents, more than 10 million cars produced annually. With its 12 brands the Volkswagen Group is one of the largest industrial companies in the world with a unique global footprint and the broadest portfolio of all automakers. This makes it a powerful ally that will help us to grow and shape the future of mobility services.

Why MOIA and Volkswagen are a perfect fit

In daily operations MOIA will have a high degree of independence – and we’ll be quick on our feet. But we also will have the strong ties to Volkswagen. Our mother and sister brands build the best cars. MOIA will be building excellent mobility services and code. Our major advantage is that we cover the whole value chain and the corresponding user experience – from vehicle design over fleet management to mobility services that customers use with an app.

Our future plans

MOIA is part of a great Group and can only be successful if we get the help of our mother and sisters. In the end, this will be beneficial for all sides and ensure that we will have a sizable industrial footprint in the years to come. For mobility services you will need new kind of vehicles. Volkswagen will not only provide us with cars that are built to purpose. It also can scale really fast with hundreds of factory plants and a global dealer network.