This is MOIA

MOIA is not just another ride-sharing company or transportation lab. We will create and offer mobility solutions that make our cities more livable, more beautiful and safer – for everyone.

Saving cities means
saving the world

Some days are simply magical. You step onto the pavement and suddenly the sun peeps through the clouds. You run down the steps to the subway in rush hour, reach the platform just as the train arrives, and of course there’s a vacant seat. You’re standing in the busiest part of town and immediately get a taxi. And there is nothing but green lights all the way to your destination.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every day were like that?
The perfect day – every day. And not by chance, but by design.

What is MOIA?

MOIA gets things moving. Now and into the future. In the next few years we want to become one of the leading providers of mobility solutions.

Our ride-sharing service will soon be part of everyday traffic in many cities. But at MOIA we are aiming for even more: we want to understand the entire transport system and develop solutions that make cities more beautiful, more livable and safer – not only for the wealthy elite, but in a way that is affordable for everyone. 

This is why we are working with our partners on new vehicle concepts and intelligent algorithms as well as mobility concepts for the autonomous mobility age. This is why we are doing research and talking to urban residents, hackers, bus drivers, cyclists, skaters, and commuters.

Because we all have one common interest.
We want to move forward.