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On our site, you can choose between two practical Smart Ride solutions:

  • Free voucher rides - you cover 100% of the travel costs.
  • Voucher with maximum amount - travel costs are covered up to an amount determined by you.

You can receive individual offers via our contact form.

Reduce mobility costs

Convenient and affordable: With MOIA, your company will save on parking fees and benefit from a low fare. Furthermore, fixed costs for company parking spaces, the vehicle fleet and its maintenance can be reduced.

Reduce stress

In our comfortable MOIA vehicles your employees* can relax and save themselves the often time-consuming search for a parking space. Thanks to WLAN on board, time spent on the road can be put to good use.

Increase attractiveness

As an employer, you offer your employees a modern mobility service and make a contribution to sustainability. This also makes your company more attractive for applicants.



Voucher for your business

In the MOIA Voucher portal you can generate codes that you, your employees and customers can use in the MOIA App. Driving as easy, stress-free and comfortable as MOIA.

Request an individual offer

Let's find the perfect solution for you and your company together. Our MOIA business customer team is looking forward to your request.

What MOIA can do for your company

  • Way to work

    Get through rush-hour traffic without stress and thus increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

  • Last mile

    Get to the airport or train station at low cost - without the hassle of looking for a parking space.

  • Appointments

    Being picked up by MOIA, arriving on time and staying completely focused on the appointment.

  • Shuttleservice

    Connect several locations efficiently and save parking space.

  • Visits

    With MOIA offer your guests a comfortable journey on arrival and departure.

  • Occasions & Events

    Bring everyone home safely at company parties, conferences and special occasions.