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Connect with tomorrow – at the ITS World Congress

Public Day on 14.10.

Experience the future of mobility with us

From October 11 to 15 the ITS World Congress will take place in Hamburg, the largest event in the world for intelligent mobility and the networked transport of tomorrow. As an official mobility partner, we will also be appearing among over 400 exhibitors, and will be presenting not just individual exhibits, but rather a large vision: How can we make a greener and more liveable city possible in 10 years? How can cities master the transport revolution with us? And what potential does autonomous ride pooling offer here? Experience the interactive simulation and learn more about the autonomous ridepooling of the future planned for public operation in Hamburg from 2025: You can register for the ITS Public Day on 14.10. here for free.

ITS Public Day for €1*
ITS will not just make the Public Day available to everybody who registers for it free of charge. To make the future of mobility accessible as an experience for everybody, you can book on October 14 for just €1 per single ride by MOIA Classic and can take each additional person with you for just €1.* This offer is available from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm and throughout the entire Hamburg service area.
Less emissions

How can ridepooling change our cities?

Visit us at ITS, and see from the interactive simulations, developed by independent researchers, how the combined efforts of mobility providers and cities will relieve traffic in the future. Shared mobility can thus not only reduce the number of kilometres travelled per person, but also – thanks to fully electric vehicles – reduce CO2 emissions. You will see in our scenarios how the use of environmentally friendly, public and increasingly autonomous mobility solutions will contribute to making transport more sustainable, if the cities take action at the same time to reduce car traffic.

Less private vehicles

MOIA is accelerating the trends of tomorrow

Over 50% of households in Hamburg own at least one car and 1 in 10 households own two or more. To halt this persistent trend, mobility offerings such as MOIA are required that can offer an attractive and convenient alternative to the private car. Indeed many car drivers are using MOIA already, and often in combination with public transport. The scenarios offered by the researchers show that this figure may multiply in future and under the correct conditions could even lead to a situation in which the majority of Hamburg’s residents no longer have a car of their own at all.

More older users

From young to old, all age groups are on board

Ridepooling isn’t just for young urbanites. Already, our users come from all age groups up to and over 75 years. 1 in 4 of our users is over 50. At 84%, most of our passengers are in work. Since it is our objective to make our vehicles more economical and more available from the middle of this decade thanks to automation, more and more people may start to use MOIA to get about. The proportion of older users appears to increase in the scenarios particularly strongly: 35% will be over 50 and the proportion of working passengers will fall to 64% in favour of pensioners.

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*The offer is available on October 14 between 12:00 pm and 8:00 pm per single ride within the Hamburg service area and only with the MOIA Classic tariff structure. When you book MOIA Classic, each single ride costs €1 and each additional person booked costs a further €1. Accompanied children up to 13 go free. Children up to 13 travelling alone pay a fare of €0.50 per single ride with MOIA Classic. All prices include VAT. Our General Terms and Conditions also apply.