Ever since we were little, we've been told to share and think it's a good thing. But let’s be honest: Most of the time sharing really sucks.


A guaranteed seat. 

An extra comfy one. 

Going by car without driving the car. 

Without looking for parking spots. 

Less stress.

More me-time. 
Just go together

How sharing with MOIA works 

MOIA represents the bright side of sharing. The type of sharing where everyone benefits. A MOIA ride connects people, and people with places. As you share your ride with others, you reduce cars, emissions and noise in your city. That clearly doesn’t suck, right? Start sharing and save 2 x 20%* with our voucher code SOGEHTTEILEN. You can redeem the code until December 2, daily from 5 pm – 11:59 pm in your MOIA app. 

Hop on and share your ride

Because everyone benefits more 

Sharing with MOIA doesn’t suck; it’s quite the opposite. Get excited for lots of benefits, arriving hassle-free at your destinations and being one of the people doing good for your city.  

  • More privacy and leg space  

  • More than 12,000 stops   

  • More time for important things  

  • More space thanks to fewer cars on the streets   

Load the app. And book your first ride.

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* The coupon code SOGEHTTEILEN can be applied once and entitles you to 20% off two rides in Hamburg daily between 5:00 pm and 11:59 pm. For prebookings, the selected pickup time applies. The coupon code is valid until December 2, 2023 and only while stocks last. You can find our coupon conditions here.