How it works

Do you want to relax getting from A to B? No problem!

Specify your journey

Your current location is the default starting point. To change it, simply move the pin or enter an address.

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Enter time and details

Let us know if you are bringing someone else along or if you need child seats. Then decide when you want to set off and request your journey.

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Check route

Your pick-up point and drop-off points will now appear on the map. You can also see your estimated time of arrival and how much the journey will cost.

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Book journey

Is everything okay? If so, confirm the booking by swiping the screen. Your journey will then be booked and paid for.

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Go to the starting point

The virtual MOIA stop will be no more than 250 m from your original location. Set off in good time.

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Share journey

During the journey, other passengers going in the same direction will get in and out. By sharing a journey, you are helping to protect the environment and your wallet!

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You can see when and where you need to get out on the MOIA screen. Your ultimate destination will be just a few meters from the drop-off point. You’ve arrived!

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