How to book your MOIA

Booking a MOIA is nice and easy. Download the app and look forward to your trip.

Enter your cell phone number and receive a download link via text message.


Request your booking by entering your preferred pick-up point and destination.

Your current location is the default starting point. To change this, simply drag the pin or enter an address.


Next, choose the number of passengers.

If you need a child seat, please enter this in addition to the number of passengers you want.


We will suggest you up to three trip offers, allowing you to choose the best option for you.

Each offer may have a different pick-up point, arrival time, or price.


Just a moment! We are now offering even more options to find the right MOIA for you. Because we are now including our entire fleet and we consider the current traffic situation and possible cancellations, you might have to wait up to 1 minute.


Booking confirmed!

In the trip overview you can now see the pick-up time and virtual stops.

You can also find the exact addresses and how long the walks are.

And if no MOIA is available? The situation may change quickly. Just repeat your request a few seconds later.


On the map you can see the exact walking route to your virtual stop. The blue dotted line shows you where to go. If you zoom out a little, you can also see how to walk from your drop-off point to your destination.

If you prefer to use a Google or Apple navigation tool, tap the pedestrian icon. You will be taken to the app and guided directly to your stop.


You will find out the vehicle number and location of your MOIA shuttle about three minutes before departure. If you have enabled it in your smartphone settings, we will also send a push notification. However, you can always rest assured that your confirmed trip is guaranteed.


And off we go!

The vehicle number tells you whether you are boarding the right MOIA shuttle. The driver will also check who you are.

During the trip, other passengers traveling in the same direction will get in and out. This means that you share the ride, helping to protect the environment while saving money.

A screen in the MOIA shows you when you have reached your drop-off point.

Get the MOIA App now!

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Enter your cell phone number and receive a download link via text message.