What can you do to protect our environment?

To mark World Environment Day, we show you some small steps that can make a big difference.

June 5 is World Environment Day! This year, the focus is on “Ecosystem Restoration and the question of what we can do together every day to restore the balance of our global ecosystem. Planting trees, greening our cities, restoring gardens to a more natural state or keeping our rivers and coasts clean: You can help the environment and our climate in so many ways, and even the smallest step makes a difference.

That we at MOIA are part of the solution for clean and sustainable urban mobility makes us proud and is spurring us on to greater things: With every shared, all-electric ride, we and all our fellow passengers are committed to reducing CO2 emissions on the roads and making an important contribution to the transport revolution. As a partner to cities and local public transport, we’re supplementing existing mobility services with a convenient and environmentally friendly solution, thereby creating incentives for everyone in Hamburg and Hanover to leave their cars at home. In this way, we’re helping these cities to solve such traffic-related problems as air pollution, congestion, noise and pressure on space and to achieve their sustainability goals.

As a consciously sustainable company, we at MOIA are doing a lot more to protect our environment and our ecosystem. For example ...

  • we don’t offer car parking spaces to our employees, thereby encouraging them to travel to work using environmentally friendly means of transport
  • we don’t have company cars, but we do cooperate with JobRad and the HVV local public transport association
  • we source soft drinks, juices, beer and fresh fruit only from regional producers, e.g. Das Geld hängt an den Bäumen.
  • we don’t use plastic bottles, but rely instead on water fountains with reusable, natural filters
  • we cooperate with sustainable events such as the Hamburg Climate Week
  • we avoid paper at work and send our documents digitally

By the way, did you know that cities make up only 1 per cent of our planet, yet half of all people live in them? By contributing to a functioning urban ecosystem, we’re doing more than just making our cities cleaner and more beautiful. We’re also creating space for an environment characterised by unique and vital biodiversity that you can enrich with little effort:

  • Avoid unnecessary and avoidable plastic products
  • Plant native plants in your garden or courtyard, or on your windowsill or balcony – big or small, the choice is yours!
  • Support your micro-ecosystems by keeping lakes, beaches, parks and green spaces clean - e.g. with actions like the following:

Clean up your Alster
At CUYA's CleanUp events, we go out on the water, into parks and onto the streets to make Hamburg cleaner and even more liveable. There’s bound to be a CUYA base near you!

Green Kayak
Kayaking trip meets litter picking expedition! You can book the boats for free at five and soon at six rental stations in Hamburg.

Hannover sauber
With activities like “plogging”, a mix of jogging and litter picking, doing good is also fast becoming an event in Hanover. New dates will follow soon!

In this way, we’re contributing to the overall health of the environment by protecting many smaller functioning ecosystems – and making our cities a bit greener and more liveable at the same time.

Because every action counts!

Your MOIA Team