Fewer detours for everyone, more MOIA for you.

We have optimized our booking process.

As your always-reliable partner, we have improved our booking process for you. By specifying our virtual stop only after you book, we’re reducing detours, saving you time, and able to get even more passengers to their destinations.

What changes for you?


Your booking form looks the same: enter your desired pick-up and drop-off point, ...


... departure time, and the number of passengers.


Then we send you an offer. The offer includes the pick-up and arrival time, the price, and the estimated duration of travel on foot.


What’s new is the circles around the start and destination addresses. They show you the radius in which your pick-up and drop-off points are located. 


We now won’t specify the virtual stops we’ll drive to until after you book. You’ll see your exact pick-up point on the map, and your boarding pass will show the exact address and how long it takes you to get there.



You’ll see your pick-up point on the map and how far you need to walk to get there.


If you zoom out a little, you can also see the same for your route from your drop-off point to your destination.


The blue dotted line shows you how far you need to go.

Tip: Prefer to use Google or Apple navigation instead? Click on the pedestrian icon to be redirected to your preferred service and be guided to your stop.