We are temporarily stopping our service!

In Hamburg and Hanover from April 1, 2020

Over the past months and years, with your support, we have brought a new form of mobility onto the streets of Hannover and Hamburg. In Hamburg MOIA has developed into the largest fully electric Ridepooling-Service in Europe. Step by step the team, the fleet, the number of users and the business area have grown. Together with you we succeeded in a short time to become an integral part of mobility in Hamburg and Hannover.

With the outbreak of the corona virus, life in Hamburg and Hanover, in Germany and all over the world has changed rapidly and on an unexpected scale. The Federal Government has taken numerous measures to slow down the spread of the virus. As a result, social life in Hamburg, Hanover and throughout Germany has come to a virtual standstill. With these restrictions, the demand for travel has been drastically reduced.

For us as MOIA, this means that, unfortunately with a heavy heart, we will temporarily suspend our service in Hamburg and Hanover from April 1, 2020. In this situation, it is important to protect our company and secure the jobs of our employees. At the same time, the measure serves to protect our drivers, who would stay longer and more frequently than usual at the depots in the absence of demand. On the basis of the German government's guidelines for further restricting social contacts, we are thus helping to protect our workforce in this critical phase of the pandemic and to stem the spread of the corona virus. The MOIA offer will be gradually reduced in the remaining days.  

We very much regret the situation and take this step only with a heavy heart. We will regularly review the necessity of this measure and react at short notice when public life in Germany picks up speed again and the need for mobility in the cities increases again. Of course, we will keep you up to date on this at all times.

We thank you for your loyalty and solidarity in these special times.
Until then, please take good care of yourself!

Your MOIA Team