Hanover, we’ll be starting up again soon!

We’ll be starting up again gradually as of July 07.

We have great news for you: Since the number of infections continues to decline, we will be gradually resuming our operations in Hanover as of 1 July.

To return to the streets of Hanover as sustainably as possible, we plan to restart operations with a fleet of up to 40 MOIA shuttles and adapt it flexibly to cover the demand. As before the interruption of services due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will then be on the road for you throughout the city at these servicehours: 

  • Monday 02:00 pm – Monday 24:00 pm
  • Tuesday 02:00 pm – Tuesday 24:00 pm
  • Wednesday 02:00 pm – Wednesday 24:00 pm
  • Thursday 02:00 pm – Friday 02:00 am
  • Friday 02:00 pm – Saturday 04:00 am
  • Saturday 02:00 pm – Sunday 04:00 am
  • Sunday 10:00 am – Sunday 10:00 pm

For the time being, we will also be reducing the number of passengers to 4 per MOIA shuttle. We take up to 6 passengers if you book the MOIA shuttle as a closed group – so, for example, if you are riding with your family. Below we have also listed the safety measures that await you on board.

You can find all the information about our restart in the Help section.

We look forward to being there for you again soon!

Fully electric as always – for less noise and improved air in your city.

Your MOIA Team