Hamburg, it’s our Anniversary!

After six months, we take stock: what have we achieved with MOIA? And whom have we moved?

With October 15, we have been on the roads in Hamburg for half a year. We have summarized some of the most important facts for you:

  • Around 260,000 people have already registered in our app.
  • Since our launch in April, we have carried 770,000 passengers.
  • We are growing steadily: While we drove 92,000 passengers in May, it was already 159,000 in September and 86.000 passengers in the first half of October.
  • Our pooling rate was about 60 percent. This is the proportion of rides with entries at different virtual stops.
  • You have paid an average of 6 to 9 euros for your ride.
  • Currently, you are already entering your MOIA at more than 10,000 virtual stops in Hamburg.
  • The fleet has gradually increased to 200 vehicles.
  • Currently we have two hubs, 3 more and decentralized charging points to follow.
  • Today we serve an area of 200 square kilometers, an extension to 300 square kilometers is planned.

We are very happy about the past 184 days with you. And we’re looking forward to thousands of shared rides with you in the future.